martedì 1 dicembre 2015

Cotton flags in google serp

If you Google “cotton flag” the first result you get are men underpants…
If you google it in english, you get some american and nazi flags …
I think that someone should intervene and make more dignitous the relationship between cotton and flags.

There is no need to use Giza45 or Sea Island (yarns made by Emilcotoni)to make flags but at least, please, make underpants and nazi symbols disappear!!!

Flags have an inner value because they represent something more than a simple blend of colours left waving, they mean identity, culture, history.
Even younger flags, more modern, those who took the place of the old nation symbols represent the nation's pride.
Take Canada for example, they changed the Union Jack one with a flag representing the symbol of the nation in chich people recognise themselves; soon it will be New Zealand's turn that want to put in his flag the fern, already found in their sporting uniforms.

 And all this makes me say that a flag has in itself a sense of sacred, inviolable.
I am not accusing who makes underpants or bikini....anyone can do whatever he wants (and maybe make even great garments), what puzzles me is that the first results are underpants meaning that there are no valid alternatives around or simply google does not know them.