lunedì 23 novembre 2015

The awesomeness of William Xerra's art

There is in this John Galliano' peice of art realised for Maison Margiela's Fall 2015 something that brings back to my mind an artist that I know and like very much: William Xerra.
He is from Piacenza (bit of luck for me here) that, in my opinion, will leave a strong mark in the Italian art history.
I dont' want to praise Xerra here, a “vive” artist, but just suggest a juxtaposition, extremely casual but important.
Using a juta bag, a poor material, makes it alive and becomes art!

Xerra always did it, always used the restorer's technique to bring old pieces of arts in contemporary formulas.
The Juta bag is the base to recompose old canvasses giving them a sense of finished pieces of arts.

His “Vive” are drops of poetry in the infinite, as a sunset seen from a decadent suburbia as there are too many, to insult life's beauty.