giovedì 26 novembre 2015

Giza45, The Cotton

On the river Nile delta, in a very small zone with an exceptional micro-climate, near Alexandria a cotton with extraordinary properties named Giza45 is grown.

Giza 45 has such long fibres tath, with special processes can be spun into an exceptional yarn, used to make extraordinary garments, nothing short of cachemire made things.

Emilcotoni owns most of the Giza 45 produced all over the world and uses this precious fibre to produce a yarn used in the best garments in the world.

We could talk forever about the characteristics of this cotton, that guarantee the real quality of this yarn...but w prefer to be carried away by the pyramids' charm, by the fascination of the old deities or by the fifth element...the quintessence, the incorruptible principle of life, the alements making the stars.

All this part of the Emilcotoni yarns, not simple cotton but, encapsulating in them history and influences, gods and old superstitions to reach the modern physics that, when talking about quintessence, uses this word to explain the universe acceleration.