martedì 24 novembre 2015

Cotton e Subbuteo

The common link between Subbuteo and cotton is the playing field; green, smooth and soft at the right point.

It's like going back to your childhood, living again that sensation of seeing a Subbuteo field even before playing with it: a small version of soccer, too beautiful to be only a game, too perfect not to be a happy and everlasting memory.

Cagliari and Juventus, the same Cagliari winning the cup in 1970, Gigi Riva, Ricky Albertosi and even Mario Martiradonna....all in my Subbuteo memories.
With the Panini stickers making it even more perfect, an unmatchable compendium to make every goal, every play, every foul and every goal memorable.
There was always someone looking at the games, making a commentary mimicking the crowd exploding at every goal.

Today subbuteo is vintage, only nostalgic people are interested in it. The world has changed and nowadays kids have far more realistic computer games, but they lack that soul that fantasy gave to all those moments making every second become reality.

My dream is a Subbuteo field made with Giza45, the best cotton in the world, a cotton that let's every single player touched slide towards the ball, an Emilcotoni made field.