lunedì 30 novembre 2015

Gucci Fall Winter 2015 2016

This winter the Gucci wearing woman will be cold, no doubt about it!!
Transparencie, breasts visibles sometimes, naked legs sandals without socks are the most evident part of a real artistic provocation.

Given for granted that no girl will wear such dresses to walk on the snow or to walk at minus thirty in town, what remains is a celebration of the feminine deity, blended with some disrespect to the modern times.

Models are very nerdy in their make up and accessories, especially glasses, making them true anti-divas far from reality.

Not even close to the “girl next door” tey could well live on Saturn or Uranus in one of those frozen worlds in the external parts of the solar system; an icon of a contemporary indisposition of the contemporary world.

giovedì 26 novembre 2015

Giza45, The Cotton

On the river Nile delta, in a very small zone with an exceptional micro-climate, near Alexandria a cotton with extraordinary properties named Giza45 is grown.

Giza 45 has such long fibres tath, with special processes can be spun into an exceptional yarn, used to make extraordinary garments, nothing short of cachemire made things.

Emilcotoni owns most of the Giza 45 produced all over the world and uses this precious fibre to produce a yarn used in the best garments in the world.

We could talk forever about the characteristics of this cotton, that guarantee the real quality of this yarn...but w prefer to be carried away by the pyramids' charm, by the fascination of the old deities or by the fifth element...the quintessence, the incorruptible principle of life, the alements making the stars.

All this part of the Emilcotoni yarns, not simple cotton but, encapsulating in them history and influences, gods and old superstitions to reach the modern physics that, when talking about quintessence, uses this word to explain the universe acceleration.

mercoledì 25 novembre 2015

New Zealand's flag

New Zealand will soon change its flag. The current one is too simlar to the Australian one and has the Union Jack on the top corner, a symbol of colonisation, now far from the Kiwi's mentality.

The new flag will be picked during the next spring with a referendum where citizens will wote the style they prefer.

Meanwhile the web is full of sketches, some beautiful, some a little less..
Anyway what counts is that the real symbols of the southest nation in the world are represented in their flag.

An then...we will have a brand new flag to print on cotton!!

martedì 24 novembre 2015

Cotton e Subbuteo

The common link between Subbuteo and cotton is the playing field; green, smooth and soft at the right point.

It's like going back to your childhood, living again that sensation of seeing a Subbuteo field even before playing with it: a small version of soccer, too beautiful to be only a game, too perfect not to be a happy and everlasting memory.

Cagliari and Juventus, the same Cagliari winning the cup in 1970, Gigi Riva, Ricky Albertosi and even Mario Martiradonna....all in my Subbuteo memories.
With the Panini stickers making it even more perfect, an unmatchable compendium to make every goal, every play, every foul and every goal memorable.
There was always someone looking at the games, making a commentary mimicking the crowd exploding at every goal.

Today subbuteo is vintage, only nostalgic people are interested in it. The world has changed and nowadays kids have far more realistic computer games, but they lack that soul that fantasy gave to all those moments making every second become reality.

My dream is a Subbuteo field made with Giza45, the best cotton in the world, a cotton that let's every single player touched slide towards the ball, an Emilcotoni made field.

lunedì 23 novembre 2015

The awesomeness of William Xerra's art

There is in this John Galliano' peice of art realised for Maison Margiela's Fall 2015 something that brings back to my mind an artist that I know and like very much: William Xerra.
He is from Piacenza (bit of luck for me here) that, in my opinion, will leave a strong mark in the Italian art history.
I dont' want to praise Xerra here, a “vive” artist, but just suggest a juxtaposition, extremely casual but important.
Using a juta bag, a poor material, makes it alive and becomes art!

Xerra always did it, always used the restorer's technique to bring old pieces of arts in contemporary formulas.
The Juta bag is the base to recompose old canvasses giving them a sense of finished pieces of arts.

His “Vive” are drops of poetry in the infinite, as a sunset seen from a decadent suburbia as there are too many, to insult life's beauty.

lunedì 16 novembre 2015

Maison Margiela Fall Winter 2015-2016

A touch of art permeates this Maison margiela collection designed by John Galliano.
The Gibraltar born designer explores the modern glamour joining tradition and experimentation, old and new, perfection and randomness.
Following te rules of an artisanal tradition that becomes art, John plays with the iconic maison's dresses giving them a new life: tapestries become sheath dresses, gowns in dresses and a juta bag becomes an elegant coat.

martedì 10 novembre 2015

Elie Saab Fall Winter 2015

The astonishing dresses presented by Elie Saab for the 2015/2016 Fall Winter are truly exceptional!
For a night out were gold is the main character, straight from an Alibaba novel or from a bank caveau, so rich and detailed.

Transparencies, a game of laces and light fabrics make Elie Saab's drsees very light but detailed.
The sensation given by these garments in sequence is the one of Christmas and winter nights, where the warmth of the houses counterbalances the cold outside.

Amagi spell tham makes everyone a better person....turning every woman in a fairy, no matter if she is mother, sister or grandmother.

That's the magic that gives an extra touch to this collection, perfect under many aspects.

Elie Saab Fall Winter 2015
Elie Saab Fall Winter 2015
Elie Saab Fall Winter 2015

venerdì 6 novembre 2015

[Landscape made in Italy]: Rome

Hi all!! How are you?

It has come the time to talk about our beautiful Capital: the city of Rome.

One of the most known metropolis in the world, it is the country’s most populated city and the seat of the Italian Government.

According to roman mythology it is founded in 753BC, although it was actually already an inhabited center even before then.

Capital of the Roman kingdom, this city has been a benchmark for over two thousand years

At nearly the center of the metropolis, is situated Vatican City, where the Pope resides.

The monuments and places to visit are really countless, and Rome has a great number of different architecture styles, for example: Ancient Rome, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism and fascist architecture.

But the landscape is only one of the reasons that has led for thousands of years people from all over the world to come to Rome.
This majestic city is always present in travel destinations, being known as a perfect destination for tourism and pilgrimage.

Above the other things, the studios in Rome is where are filmed the majority of Italian movies.

If you want to read a post about his most famous monument, the Colosseum, click on the link below ;)

giovedì 5 novembre 2015

[Night-sky jewels]: Orion’s Belt

The Three Kings, Three Sisters, Belt of Orion, commonly known as Orion’s Belt is an asterism in the Orion constellation. 
It is formed by the three bright stars Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.

Beautiful and seeable from almost every part of our planet, they are some of the most brightest stars in the sky.

Very fascinating phenomenon, the Orion’s belt it is composed by Alnitak and Alnilam, two blue supergiants stars, the most brightest stars of all, and by a very interesting star called Mintaka, that is a very rare multiple star system formed by six different stars.

Ever since very past times, every culture saw them, so there are a lot of legends regarding them; for example, for Christians they represent the three magi while for Arabians they represent three pearls.

Versace estate 2016

All’insegna del cortissimo, la collezione donna presentata da Versace per la primavera estate del prossimo 2016 è decisamente hosè, con il see trough che ha un ruolo decisamente molto evidente.

La protagonista della collezione è la sensualità, ogni modella diventa Afrodite camminando sulla passerella e ad ogni passo le sue capacità di seduzione sono potenziate dall’abito che indossa.

Non occorre malizia con questi splendidi abiti, ed il gioco della seduzione diventa naturale, implicito nell’essenza stessa del vestire.

Non c’è spazio per suggestioni diverse dalla seduzione in questa collezione di Versace, e la magia stà nel suggerire senza strafare, componendo un’eleganza spregiudicata ma senza dare nell’occhio, creando vestiti che sono gocce di poesia da consegnare all’infinito.

La donna diventa così passionale, voluttuosa, seduttrice ma senza essere oltremodo sfacciata e senza mai smettere di sorridere.

Il video con alcuni abiti della collezione Versace primavera estate 2016

le foto della collezione:

versace collezione primavera estate 2016

mercoledì 4 novembre 2015

Anna Sui Winter 2015 – 2016 collection

Una collezione all’insegna dell’etnico e del tribale, che raccoglie l’ispirazione nelle lontane terre del nord: dalla Lapponia, alla Siberia, alla Kamchatka, alla Groenlandia.

E sono soprattutto le forme infagottate degli inuit e degli altri popoli del nord a dettare il canone di una collezione mirabolante e molto bella.

Del resto sono in tanti a trarre ispirazione dalle forme suggestive che la tradizione etnica regala, ed è bello, a parer mio che gli stilisti prendano a piene mani da quel serbatoio di idee.

In un panorama mondiale dominato dalla globalizzazione, la tradizione etnica è rimasta una luce capace di differenziare il bello da ciò che è piattamente uguale a se stesso.

Così è ben accetta qualunque impurezza, come sono le pennellate di colore presenti su questi abiti di Anna Sui, o come sono altre concessioni alla modernità globalizzata do altri famosi stilisti (vedasi D&G).

E non c’è bisogno di averla nel sangue quella tradizione, come Anna Sui ben ci dimostra, per usare bene quelle suggestioni culturali.

Il video con la collezione di Anna Sui per l’inverno 2015/2016