venerdì 16 ottobre 2015

[Italian food]: Tortelli

Hi all, how are you? 
While writing about beautiful landscapes our Country has to offer, why don’t talk about one of the thing Italy is most famous for? Food of course ;)

Maybe not one of the must renowned food, but surely one of the most enjoyable is Tortelli. They are a kind of pasta, or to better say, a type of first course.
In the picture you can see a dish of Tortelli called “con coda”, which means with tail. This particular type is originated from Piacenza, situated near Milan.

Appreciated by famous personalities like Petrarch, Boccaccio and Carducci, for the locals represents a powerful symbol of tradition.
The flavor of spinach and ricotta cheese can remind you of many lunches and dinners from your childhood, with friends and family.

Sometimes happens that I was asked why food and particularly pasta are so important for us. The answer is that it is something that you make and share, something to make others feel good, and something strongly related to our land and tradition.

The reason Italian food like Tortelli is known all over the world, is because thanks to the care in its preparation, it can expire and make you recall beautiful memories and emotions.

I hope you liked this post and buon appetito!