mercoledì 16 settembre 2015

[Landscape made in Italy]: Aosta

Hi all!! Let’s keep going with beautiful Italian cities. 

Summer it’s almost over, so for those who are not ready to start working yet, let’s talk about a famous vacation place: Aosta.

Near the upper boarder of Italy, this city is in a region whit the same name, and it’s the only city in it.

Aosta is a very ancient city, there is a legend telling it was founded by a friend of the Greek divine hero Hercules.

In spite of being small, this beautiful city has everything you could ask in a holiday:

- Astonishing mountain views

- Sites full of historical ruins

- Places to have fun in your nightlife

- A lot of ideas for excursions

- Renowned hotels and facilities in which you can relax

- Many ski slopes to have fun also in winter periods

Surely a place you want to know. 

And with this nostalgic reminder of places where you can spend your holydays, I hope you have a nice return to your routine.