giovedì 11 giugno 2015

[Landscape made in Italy]: Venice

A characteristic and iconic city in Italy is Venice, everlasting presence with its beautiful canals and bridges in every lover’s dream.

This city has a long history and it is famous especially for its great relevance in the middle age and Renaissance, when it controlled a very large part of all Mediterranean Sea Trades.

Magnificent in its architecture and originality it amazes every years thousands of tourist from all over the world.

Charming in every part of the day, in my opinion gives its best in clear nights, moment in which the plentiful water of Sea shines with an astonishing number of reflected lights.

I definitely advice Venice as destination for all who will come to visit Italy because of its marvelous landscapes, in addition to a lot of peculiar things such as Gondolas, the most common local transport, and the Murano glass, world-renowned for its elegance and quality.