mercoledì 9 dicembre 2015

[Landscape made in Italy]: Turin

Hi all, how are you preparing for Christmas?
I was thinking about my time spent in Turin, a beautiful city in winter,
 host of the 2006 Winter Olympics: Turin.

It is the third economic center in Italy, after Milan and Rome.

Turin is famous for the headquarters of automobile manufacturers 
FIAT, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, Iveco, and for the football teams Juventus F.C. and Torino F.C.

Presumably founded in 27 BC Turin has really a lot of years of history to offer.

Asides being very important for universities, art, tourism, culture and science, it offers also breathtaking landscapes.
If you want to read also about Rome and Milan, check these links ;) :Rome Milan  

mercoledì 2 dicembre 2015

AF Vandevorst Fall Winter 2015 collection

A total lack of colour, a scary scenario made of unbreathable air and cold.
The winter 2015 collection by AF Vandervost is something that will chill your bones!

This said, the dresses are beautiful, rich and very classic.
The antifog mask always worn, hoods covering the mannequin's face, total overing dresses, with trousers always present.
The collection's symbol is a crow shaped hat dominating from the top the only dress showing the shoulders.

This collection uses black and grey, a hint towards Bellatrix Lestrange, the evil witch, evocating her but never really representing her.

This collection is pure art, it's the representation of a sick contemporary vision, probably at its end, an end of a glorious history.

It's the need of representing that olocaust that is currently destroying forests, seas, rivers, filling rains with acid, making air unbreathable.

Not a relaxing collection to see but absolutely beautiful.

martedì 1 dicembre 2015

Cotton flags in google serp

If you Google “cotton flag” the first result you get are men underpants…
If you google it in english, you get some american and nazi flags …
I think that someone should intervene and make more dignitous the relationship between cotton and flags.

There is no need to use Giza45 or Sea Island (yarns made by Emilcotoni)to make flags but at least, please, make underpants and nazi symbols disappear!!!

Flags have an inner value because they represent something more than a simple blend of colours left waving, they mean identity, culture, history.
Even younger flags, more modern, those who took the place of the old nation symbols represent the nation's pride.
Take Canada for example, they changed the Union Jack one with a flag representing the symbol of the nation in chich people recognise themselves; soon it will be New Zealand's turn that want to put in his flag the fern, already found in their sporting uniforms.

 And all this makes me say that a flag has in itself a sense of sacred, inviolable.
I am not accusing who makes underpants or bikini....anyone can do whatever he wants (and maybe make even great garments), what puzzles me is that the first results are underpants meaning that there are no valid alternatives around or simply google does not know them.

lunedì 30 novembre 2015

Gucci Fall Winter 2015 2016

This winter the Gucci wearing woman will be cold, no doubt about it!!
Transparencie, breasts visibles sometimes, naked legs sandals without socks are the most evident part of a real artistic provocation.

Given for granted that no girl will wear such dresses to walk on the snow or to walk at minus thirty in town, what remains is a celebration of the feminine deity, blended with some disrespect to the modern times.

Models are very nerdy in their make up and accessories, especially glasses, making them true anti-divas far from reality.

Not even close to the “girl next door” tey could well live on Saturn or Uranus in one of those frozen worlds in the external parts of the solar system; an icon of a contemporary indisposition of the contemporary world.

giovedì 26 novembre 2015

Giza45, The Cotton

On the river Nile delta, in a very small zone with an exceptional micro-climate, near Alexandria a cotton with extraordinary properties named Giza45 is grown.

Giza 45 has such long fibres tath, with special processes can be spun into an exceptional yarn, used to make extraordinary garments, nothing short of cachemire made things.

Emilcotoni owns most of the Giza 45 produced all over the world and uses this precious fibre to produce a yarn used in the best garments in the world.

We could talk forever about the characteristics of this cotton, that guarantee the real quality of this yarn...but w prefer to be carried away by the pyramids' charm, by the fascination of the old deities or by the fifth element...the quintessence, the incorruptible principle of life, the alements making the stars.

All this part of the Emilcotoni yarns, not simple cotton but, encapsulating in them history and influences, gods and old superstitions to reach the modern physics that, when talking about quintessence, uses this word to explain the universe acceleration.

mercoledì 25 novembre 2015

New Zealand's flag

New Zealand will soon change its flag. The current one is too simlar to the Australian one and has the Union Jack on the top corner, a symbol of colonisation, now far from the Kiwi's mentality.

The new flag will be picked during the next spring with a referendum where citizens will wote the style they prefer.

Meanwhile the web is full of sketches, some beautiful, some a little less..
Anyway what counts is that the real symbols of the southest nation in the world are represented in their flag.

An then...we will have a brand new flag to print on cotton!!

martedì 24 novembre 2015

Cotton e Subbuteo

The common link between Subbuteo and cotton is the playing field; green, smooth and soft at the right point.

It's like going back to your childhood, living again that sensation of seeing a Subbuteo field even before playing with it: a small version of soccer, too beautiful to be only a game, too perfect not to be a happy and everlasting memory.

Cagliari and Juventus, the same Cagliari winning the cup in 1970, Gigi Riva, Ricky Albertosi and even Mario Martiradonna....all in my Subbuteo memories.
With the Panini stickers making it even more perfect, an unmatchable compendium to make every goal, every play, every foul and every goal memorable.
There was always someone looking at the games, making a commentary mimicking the crowd exploding at every goal.

Today subbuteo is vintage, only nostalgic people are interested in it. The world has changed and nowadays kids have far more realistic computer games, but they lack that soul that fantasy gave to all those moments making every second become reality.

My dream is a Subbuteo field made with Giza45, the best cotton in the world, a cotton that let's every single player touched slide towards the ball, an Emilcotoni made field.